Girlguiding Clwyd

Booking details (step 1/3)

If you wish to make a booking, please complete the following details, ensuring that items marked with an asterisk * are filled in.

Once you are happy with the booking details, click the 'Validate' button at the end of the form to check your entry details. If you have made any errors, you will be asked to correct them and be given an explanation.

Once you press the validate button you will be shown an invoice (this will calculate the overnight fees, but not the hourly charges for early arrival/late departure/hourly hire - you will need to add these) and be given a description of what you need to do next. PLEASE read the description carefully before proceeding. You will need to save a copy of the invoice and email to the Booking Secretary.


Please note

If the deposit is not received within 21 days of the booking being made, the booking will be considered cancelled and the dates re-opened.

Once a reservation has been made and confirmed, any changes to the booking must be made through the Booking Secretary.
If you wish to change your arrival or departure time, this must be made through the Booking secretary. Any arrivals before the 5pm arrival time or departures after the 3pm departure time will be charged for at the rate of £10 per hour.

If you wish to make a second reservation you will need to log off and log onto the site for a second time. Making 2 bookings at the same time is not possible.


Booking Form

* Organisation name :
* Organisation type :
* Contact first name :
* Contact last name :
* Address :
* Tel. (day) :
Tel. (evening) :
Mobile :
Alternative contact :
Email adress :
* Sites :
Ty Clwyd house (min. 10, max. 30)
Derwen (max. 50)Onnen (max. 60)
Collen (max. 80)Bedwen Arian (max. 40)
* Approximate number of people in the house :
* Approximate number of people in the campsites :
* Arrival date - (eg 25/05/15) :
* Approximate arrival time - (eg 17:00) : (if arrival time changes, please let us know)
* Departure date - (eg 27/05/15) :
* Approximate departure time - (eg 15:00) : (if departure time changes, please let us know)
If you book the house for only one day,
which part of the day :
    daily    am    pm    evening

* I have read a copy of the Health and Safety Precautions guidelines for House Residents and Campers and will adhere to them.